I Have An Etsy Store!!

I've added my Etsy store to my blog. See it to the right of each post!!

I've had several people look at my items already, and I'm featuring one bag on the front page of SHOWCASE under the catgory: bags and purses today only. When you get to the showcase, use the MAIN drop down list to go to bags and purses.

My store name is my Etsy name: BigSis2


search for seller username:


click on the link above to go to my store
or use the store promo on the right


TheTwistedPurl said...

Yay! I am super excited to see you have an Etsy Shop! :) Best of luck with those gorgeous purses. I just know they'll fly off your virtual shelves.

M-I-L said...

Thank you ... can't believe I met my own personal goal. Each bag I make is my favorite, hard to let them go. Can you see me smiling?

You can buy this poster.