I'm IN PRINT!! Knitting and Felting Pattern is listed on Etsy

I acutally finally posted my PATTERN on Etsy. I'm a little nervous. Can't wait for someone to buy the pattern, make a Computer Bag, Felt it and send me a picture. I know small things really excite me. But hey this makes me a cheap date (wherever that saying came from) or easy to please.

I've been so busy making 3 more bags that I've gotten away from my blog for awhile. BUT THEY ARE OVER THE TOP PRETTY and will be on Etsy Sunday if they don't sell at the St. Marks Church Christmas Craft sale in Indianapolis this weekend.

My younger sister and I are taking all of our "creations" to the sale, so my Etsy store will be on vacation for Saturday. (Back in business when I get back if I have items left to sell.)

Thanks for lookin' - here's a picture of my posting: Go to www.BigSis2.etsy.com to buy a $5.00 copy and it'll be emailed to you, I'll answer your questions about the pattern and would love to see your finished product. In fact I'll post it here!!

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