I Didn't Knit Today - I'm headed home!

I stepped into the pantry looking for oatmeal, and came out about 2 1/2 hours later, with every shelf washed and all of the small boxes of brown sugar in the same canister. I found a tall urn to use for all the plastic grocery bags, and put all the paper goods on the same shelf with the plastic cups. I bagged like snacks together and threw out dated opened bags.

The strange odor was a rotting onion ... it was a subtle odor, we had searched for it, but until I emptied the bag of onions into a wire basket for display, it was illusive.

I found several BBQ sauces, various sizes and brands ... I'm getting to know my sister's favorite foods, her daily schedule and her sweet family and friends. How precious to know she has so many people that care enough to be there for her and Norman through this trying time.

They've lived in this house 5 years now and they still have empty cabinets and drawers, hm-m-m-m we've filled every nook and cranny (where did that saying come from?) in our house, even though I sell stuff on eBay every little break I get, we still bring in more than we send out or throw out or carry out of the house.

OK I'm rambling, but I'm pretty well convinced no one reads this anyway. Maybe it will encourage someone some day. SISTERS ROCK. All these years, 41, I've been married and away from my sisters, yet, we are willing to drop everything in crisis and everytime we're together we don't have to spend time catching up or getting to know each other, we just drop into a relationship and go forward. 3 Knitting Sisters was my way of linking us together, encouraging them both to start knitting, accomplish some projects and sharing the progress...the accomplishments came, and the sharing continues ... not a lot of knitting going on, but I'm honed my skills and learned to be a better sister.

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