I've made 16 bags since April

I've given away 7 bags and 4 of my 9 that remain are currently spoken for. Starting my etsy store has been tough because when I show one to a friend it either becomes an instant gift or I get an order for one in a specific style or color. I'm learning so much...

NO COMPLAINTS HERE!! It's all great experience and I'm learning what people like, and I love giving them away as much as making them so-o-o-o ...

My goal in knitting these bags is to document the process, write the pattern, and get the pattern listed on-line to sell for a minimum fee, to GET PEOPLE KNITTING. The next step is KITS

I read today in Vogue Knitting http://www.vogueknitting.com/ that entertainers are knitting backstage to relax before their performance, people are picking up knitting projects to auction for charity, teens are knitting creating unique designs ... knitting is becoming a trend, I'm hoping to kick mine up a notch with my felting designs ... my new goal - GET PUBLISHED!!

Anyway, I posted the knit foo-foo bag last week, where I mixed yarns - see:


This is the finished bag:

and a close up of the closure.

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