Weight Loss - that same 25 pounds.

Well, you ask how my first Weight Watcher's meeting went?

I was on the phone with someone important until 5:20 PM and back on the phone till 5:40, sign-in was 5:45 for new attendees ... so I didn't go, 'cause I hadn't even started making dinner for the hubbie,
and I hate going by myself,
and I get jitters anytime I start something new like this,
and I guess I just wasn't ready.

Do I still eat light? Some.
Am I gaining weekly? I don't think so.
Am I going to Weight Watchers some day? Maybe.
Do I already know the program? I should by now, I've lost the same 20-25 pounds probably at least 20 times in my life, some of those on Weight Watchers - I just get off the program and some crisis comes into my life, and I'm right back into the chocolate, etc.

I'm going to give it the Ole' college try again and approach weight loss with what I already know.
Track what I eat.

Here's today tracker: 1/3 of a protein bar, 1 cup of Ramen noodles, and one Gatorade, and it's 2:34 PM. (oops, forgot to count the fat-free creamer in my coffee!!

My word to the hopefuls: Knit more, eat less chocolate - unless you're using chocolate colored yarn!

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