There is something strange about having nothing on my needles.

Today, I spent the day with lil' sis, we went to open knitting class, but didn't join in as there were already plenty of people around the table. We walked around and talked to each knitter in action, and touched so many yarns ... We did a little cafe for lunch and a little coffee shop for some conversation and knitting techniques ... then we called Big Sis 1 ... and caught up on her incredibly tough life. She is at her husbands side as he recovers from Chemo and Radiation for Pancreatic Cancer...he's progressing and actually has some good days, but right now they are on vacation in Florida, hotel on the beach, and he is in too much pain to enjoy - plus he's on a liquid diet because of a new problem caused from the Chemo and Radiation. He's been in the emergency room - on vacation!!

I'm aching for her and him. My arms are heavy, my joints ache, I get so worried about how she is going to handle this, I want so bad to have the biggest invisible hand in the world that will reach inside my sweet brother-in-law and pull this sickness and pain from him, then I remember who I am, Who's I am, I am a child of the Creator, the maker of heaven and earth...HE IS IN CONTROL. He knows how much our Norman is loved, He MADE him!! Norman is the gentlest caring Christian man I've known - he is patient, kind, caring, loving and very sick. This complicates my brain cells, but inside my spirit I know that everyone dies, EVERYONE!!

So with that in mind, I'm searching those brain cells trying to find a way to help with encouraging words, making myself have as normal a day as possible, trying to coax my sister to take care of herself and reminding her that Norman is number one in her NEW NORMAL.

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