Knitting Now - Knit Along - My Aching Wrist

NO THIS ISN'T ME it's a kid (google image) silly.

I found out that I have is RSI.


I have absolutely nothing on my needles right now.

It's a combination of doing so much typing recently documenting an 8 hour Board meeting for a wonderful cause where I serve as Secretary; spending lots of time with the grandkids while our d-i-l is visiting her sister in India (time with g-kids is better than knitting any day!!), and the BIG delay, my right hand, my knitting hand, my throttle hand (from riding my motorcycle) is in a lot of pain these days, strained I believe.

So-o-o-o, I finished my sister's vest, finished a market bag, and a purse, did a small swatch in sock yarn for some lovely fingerless gloves for a lovely granddaughter, and now I'm wearing a pain patch on my wrist to get the thing healed up.

I have a market bag and 3 purses in the queue for gift orders for Christmas, this must be healed soon. Today is a day of rest - 'cause I'm going to be with the grandkids ... they are such a joy. We rode 200 miles yesterday in the cold (43 degrees) and I believe being tense aggravated the tendons.

I have a craft show with lil' sis next weekend...gotta get some stuff done here. I'd like to do a display of some of my patterns with a few purses on the display. I'm hoping to encourage more people to PICK UP THE NEEDLES AND GET KNITTIN'

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