I actually re-felted the purse in the upper left corner of this picture

I "re-felted" the bag because it was still a loose knit, only partially felted. It's really nice and solid now. I put it in a pillowcase and went through a hot wash cycle...I left the stone on the purse and the straps are woven through grommets, so I left the strap on also...it re-felted just fine and looks amazing.
OK this was my first draft of my Knitting and Felting Pattern book. My idea is to make it a file that can be downloaded. This is actually a collage of 3 of my first purses.
I plan on doing a knitting and felting pattern book that has 3 styles, a small purse, a market tote and a computer sleeve.
Along with the pattern I would like to put together purse kits to sell at craft shows and specialty shops...future plans!! All of my bags are a detailed version of the pattern on the right top of this blog.

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