Double Click on this picture to see a better view of the phone in the pocket, the handmade trinket (polymer clay) and the crocheted and macrame handbag handles (cord).

This is the drawing I used to plan this "Cell Phone" and "Key" Pocket purse (see the phone in the pocket on the left?) See my grandaughter's hand print on the right?

I didn't do the i-cord method on these straps, instead I crocheted a chain triple the finished length of the strap size I need in the end, using two strands of yarn held together. Then I pinned the center of the "crocheted chain" strap to a cork board. I did the ole macrame' technique of knotting each strand, to the other, making a lumpy knotted cord. Then I felted the piece. To macrame' I basically place the right chain length under the left, and take the end back through the loop made when I took the right length under the left, then I pull the knot snug and repeat the step only with the left chain length.

Check out the June blog where I posted this drawing.


I'm about ready to open for business.

What is holding me up is computer time. I'm wanting to design the patterns for each of the current items I've made, have a .pdf file print out for each, record myself literally step-by-step making a purse or computer sleeve, then open my etsy store to sell the items, patterns and/or kits.

This is exciting, and coming together well. In the meantime be sure to subscribe to my blog as I hope to keep posting the step-by-step process and the results over time...this is all good timing with Christmas just around the corner.

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