Step-by-Step Knitting Video


I'm putting together a step-by-step video of my knitting. I'm hoping to encourage people to knit, and to answer some basic knitting questions. I will include, selecting and substituting yarns, needle preferences, start-up tools, knitting techniques including casting on, knit, purl, and casting off, with photos and action video. In addition I'll complete at least one project beginning to end, including felting. I plan to make a large tote bag, that can double as a computer sleeve that is TSA approved, heard about the new requirements established for leaving your laptop computer in it's bag when you go through airport security???


Anyway, I'm thinking a nice felted sleeve that can be removed and placed into a bin, then all the other contents go through in the bag ... the NICE FELTED SLEEVE for the laptop becomes a part of the existing computer bag, is easy to remove and replace and keep your existing bag!! Lets see which is quicker? Pulling out a laptop, placing it in a bin, placing the laptop bag in a bin, walking through the security radar - beep beep forgot about my belt. Picking up laptop and bag(s) and shoes, etc. OR, Open Laptop bag section exposing laptop in your pre-approved TSA endorsed laptop bag, discussing this apparatus with the clueless TSA employee, who is still in the "remove the computer from the bag," mode, remove the computer, place it is a bin, run new bag with extras through radar. Hmmm!!

I think this new requirement will take a long time to implement, in the meantime, those who travel, watch the trends, and hope to shorten the waiting lines, will fall for the new bag theory while others will think of ways to get their computer out of the bag, protect it through the conveyor experience, take laptop out of sleeve and place it on top of sleeve through the exray, and get it back in place much like TSA guidelines have taught us all to wear CROCS and/or slip on shoes when we fly ... cannot get re-dressed and re-packed quick enough after these inspections. Always leave something behind!!

So, with that in mind, the video will be a great let's get started making TSA inspired laptop sleeves that can be given for Christmas gifts to our favorite traveller. Put the laptop only into the sleeve, pull the laptop out with the sleeve, let the laptop have a pillow through the conveyor, place computer bag in other tub, return computer and sleeve after inspection, (and after multiple compliments) fly away!!

I know I'm dreamin' but I like to do my part.

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