Wrist Warmers and Bumpy Highways

Well the wrist warmers are probably a 1/2 day project, I'm knitting both at the same time on circular needles, and they are turning out really classy. But, rolling through Iowa and Illinois, whoever put down this highway did it in little bitty sections, this makes for a very bumpy ride, at 55 mph in a truck each stitch must be planned between bumps. Car sickness doesn't help, so the 1/2 day project had to be delayed to more like 1 1/2 day.

I've revised this free pattern from Bernat called "Super Value Wrist Warmers" Instead of size 8 needles I'm using 11 and I only cast on 30 instead of 45 because I'm using "4" Classic Wool Yarn, I'm also making size XS for Andrea's arms which are long, but slender. I've used the same stripe pattern as the last bag I made with the tweed yarn, it's really sharp. I'll have to write this one up when they are done. Pictures to follow.

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