I get that puzzled look occasionally from my grandsons. The oldest was about 5 years old when he saw me filling ice cube trays with water and putting them in the freezer...he was stunned that our refridgerator didn't make ice automatically.

I didn't go into detail about how this fridge is capable of that, but one time when we were out of town it developed a tiny pin hole leak in the hose that comes from the water filter and flooded our upstairs, warping the wooden floor in the kitchen and forcing us to replace the tiles in the bathroom...he wouldn't care at that point. Besides, I don't mind making ice cubes.

So last night, he's 11 now, I got the same question and the same confused look when he saw me washing dishes in the sink full of soapy water. He proceeded to show me where the dishwasher gel was kept. under the sink, at his house. He was certain I didn't know about dishwashers, using the sink that way, then he told me that if anyone does dishes in the sink they use the other sink, not that one, wow I'm so sheltered.

I said all that to say this, today all 4 grandsons saw me knitting for the first time. Each one asked, "What are you doing, Mamaw?"

They've seen my work, but I usually don't carry it along to their house, because I want to spend the time with them, but last night was an overnighter, and I was in the middle of a computer sleeve (my 3rd) and was anxious to see how the pattern was going to shape up, Patons 100% wool RETRO RETRO is starting to look VERY Southwest Inspired.

Anyway, each grandson plopped down beside me, and talked about various items I've made for family members through the years, one even wondered where his blanky ended up, and the 11 year old asked me to sew up his "stuffy" that was his gift on his "gotcha" day when he was adopted from Russia (this toy had stuffing leaking out, so I'm getting out the needle thread and fabric to get this one back in shape). I was honored that they would each show interest in this art, which is really coming back and growing. They watched me knit and purl, checked out the progress of the project and liked the colors and the pattern, it's really striking the way it is turning out.

The yarn is a self patterning, short striping, in Brown, Black, Navy Blue, Turquoise, and Tan. Guy colors, shaping up to a nice computer bag and/or tote.

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