Computer Sleeve

This computer sleeve is much smaller, it holds a notebook. The handles are knit as a part of the bag. For instructionson this please comment ... I'm in the process of writing up each of these patterns.

refer to the video: http://3knittingsisters.blogspot.com/2008/08/knit-felt-purses-i-cord-handles.html#links

This one was knit on circular needles and seamed at the bottom. In stockinknit stitch the height usually felts about 1/3 and the width usually felts about 1/4, so you can really be creative and plan the size of your bag. This one has shorter handles, so it can be carried high as shoulder straps, or by hand, along with other bags. It does not have a closure.

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M-I-L said...

This bag made an awesome gift, even if the handles curled because I didn't know that I had to knit, purl, each alternate row to keep a flat handle. Live and learn, if you live and knit!!

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