Wrist Warmers Continued, The Knitting Hobby, and my New Business and/or Have I Gotten Away From the Purpose of this Blog?

They are done, they are cute, I made them "slender," so I cannot try them on. Either they will be chosen, they'll be awfully cute with a short sleeve jacket this fall or winter, or they will sell on etsy.

I'm pushing myself to make several items to start a business on etsy just my way of coming up with Christmas money, and/or more money for my hobby.

I find myself questioning why I blog. I feel like I'm documenting my knitting progress, but...

This was another attempt at connecting during our busy lives.

All these years, 3 sisters, living so far apart ... we have 7 adult children, combined 18 grandchildren, and we still hardly ever see each other. Life gets in the way.

When my sisters and I started this, I was documenting our knitting progress, Big Sis wanted to start knitting and improve her skills, her hubby got sick, very sick, even sicker, and now is improving, so her time with him is much more important than knitting, although she last reported she is doing a lot of crocheting (she already knew how to do that and is more comfortable right now with the familiar - this I understand). Lil Sis wanted to learn to knit, so I started with lots of simple lessons, she got overwhelmed with life, her hubby had some health issues, she had some job issues, etc., hmmm.

What was I looking for?

Why does life have to get in the way?
We'll catch up with each other some day ... compare notes, look back, tell stories ...

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