Knitting and Grey Hair

I guess I had that image, too!!

An elderly lady in her rocking chair knitting baby booties.

Now I'm there, no rocking chair, more like a Lazy Boy when we're in the camper and my Love Seat (matching my couch or davenport, whichever)at home. No baby booties for me, I dove right in once I challenged myself to make detailed items about 1 1/2 years ago. Besides, the grandkids were all boys (the first 4) and the first girl was almost a year old when she was adopted, so booties weren't in order.

But, grey hair, yep. This year I stopped coloring (actually last October) and let my natural color grow out. It is a dishwater blonde with silver hairs highlighting and with the natural curl, I'm genuinly looking OLD!! The wrinkles add to the look, the aligator shape textures on the skin on my hands need care daily. Along with the grey hair comes wrinkles, low energy and some pretty achy joints. So I've moved into a stage of live where I may only have 25 to 35 years left, WHAT? That's a lifetime, I'm not quitting, I'm not slowing down, and I'm not giving in ... I'll defy age as long as I'm drawing breath!!

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