YEAH!! I'm finally knitting again, and one clog slipper will be done in the next hour, the other started sometime this weekend. I've had the thought of getting a cheap ticket and flying to Denver to felt these, to my son's foot.
That good ole' feeling of accomplishment is returning. Just in time for our schedule to be too busy to knit. We have set-up for an outreach Valentine Banquet today, the neighborhood, couple's only banquet is tomorrow, then a sweetheart bike ride Saturday, speaking in two churches Sunday, meeting with leadership for Run For The Wall (May 2009 Cross Country Ride), Monday, Meeting with Teen Challenge Director in Phoenix Tuesday, whew...next Wednesday would've been my first block of time to finish this project, but we have to move. We're so glad to be busy with our ministry, and I'm glad to be beyond my FOF* that makes me periodically shut-down.

The little church we are set up beside (in our camper) and helping with outreach, got a complaint about our camper, so we have to move (some zoning code). We will be setting up in a different location probably next Wednesday. OK, Thursday is my first chance to finish these, still hoping our son has cold floors in Denver so that slippers are needed in March. Dog-gone-it, I intended to have these done by January - phooey...I really don't like these delays. Oh well ...

I got an invitation to teach a workshop at a Women's Retreat in Indiana in May. I met these ladies at an Art Fair, they loved my work, and want me to teach the process at their retreat!! I'm honored.

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