TAKEN the movie - my critique - as if that matters.

Yep, my sister and I went to see Taken.

My absolute first reaction? Well, I think I remember seeing the previews a few times, so I knew it was a teenager being abducted, but that was the limit of my knowledge.

READ NO FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING, because I'm going to critique this movie as a mother and grandmother.

OK first impression ... a Dad who loves his daughter but messed up somewhere along the way and only had visitation on BIRTHDAYS what was that? Too busy Dad, just about didn't like the movie from the start, but then enters, daughter. Cute, bouncy, confident, a birthday lunch - with Mom tagging along, oh, dread by the Dad.

OK the real reason Mom is along is to persuade Dad, because a manipulative Mom is definately going to have more impact than a manipulative daughter, or double-teaming him and lying to him about the details is going to serve their purposes well. Oh, my goodness, the manipulation from the start really turned me off to the story line.

Now finally the lying daughter travels to her chosen location with an older girl, and as soon as they arrive they share a cab with a total stranger, giving away their location, and almost immediately are abducted.

The father, through his previous work experience, investigates, hunts down and single handedly kills just about everyone involved, until he rescues his daughter. It's intense, not very realistic, frightening, but the manipulation on the part of the daughter and Mom leaves the plot with way too much to be desired ... kinda like Whoa Mom what did you expect lying and manipulating this trip, didn't know the girlfriend was also lying about where they would be staying...hmmm are parents really that lame?

Well, I know that children can beg and beg, but I also know that parents have the final say, and have many resources for investigating the details before saying yes. I have met way too many women, who lied to their parents as a teenager, and are still trying to get a lifestyle that is "normal."

The movie was good, intense, but not very realistic for parents who care, make their marriages work and PARENT their children. Now that we've imparted fear to all little girls who see this movie, I'm sure we've also taught them to lie to their parents, have Mom help them manipulate Dad, and believe girlfriend's over Parent's advice ... and that Dad will rescue you from your lies, manipulation and deception by killing everyone involved.

Well, did I mention I didn't really appreciate this movie?


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Anonymous said...

i'm only three years late in commenting..but...the sad thing about Taken is it is based on a true story and the real dad didn't get the happy ending :(

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