Levels of Disappointment

I've had to process the plans and future that is completely altered when someone dies. The death of my brother-in-law, my sister's life changes, her move to an apartment, her daughter's reactions, one of her granddaughters yesterday kept saying, "Where is Granddad?" over and over. She wasn't even able to say that sentence one month ago, when he died, but she was Norman's buddy, and it seems like when things get tense she misses her Granddad!

Death causes us to pause and reevaluate life's purpose.

There are levels of disappointment, grief, loneliness, I'm sure. There are different ways to react also. I'm not real good at being comforted, I'm kinda the one that expects to be strong for others, so when I get hugely disappointed, I shut down. Others get angry outwardly, or fall into the arms of those who care.

Anyway, while I was spending time with my big sister, helping her move and simply spending time with her, a lady we're working with in Phoenix lost her sister and brother-in-law to carbon monoxide poisoning in their camper. Evidently the brother-in-law had hooked up an extra large propane tank to the camper so he wouldn't have to change it as often, but he connected it wrong, there was no carbon monoxide detector in the camper, her sister had fallen asleep in an easy chair, and the brother-in-law was found by the door to the camper, the dog was also dead, the cell phone was dialed up with 9-1-1 but send was not sent. A fellow camper had noticed they had not walked their dog that morning and went to check on them ... this lady lost her sister and brother-in-law and is diligently working with her niece to settle family things. So much to think about, every day brings a different level of disappointment, another form of grief.


I'm doing great, and my sis is really coming along as expected - whatever that is. She'll be fine because she has an assurance in her faith, she just misses Norman so much, but she is surrounded by people who love her and are helping best they can, I'm so thankful for each of them, and for the time with her.

NO the clogs on my post earlier today are not the ones I'm knitting, I only have one done and they are two-color Grey and Black. It is a stock Google Photo.

This is the finished look I'm trying to accomplish. (not the finished project)

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