I know I'm getting old when ...

I get this cramp in my hip when I swing my leg over my motorcycle to get on it and ride.
I nearly lose my wits when my cell phone won't take a charge.
I find myself repeating stories, and see the, "Is she for real?" look on people's faces.
I have to stand for a few seconds to get my balance when I get out of a low chair.
I cannot remember if I bought creamer for my coffee the last trip to the store or the one before that.
I have to wear another layer of clothing and it's only 65 degrees outside.
I need a brighter light, and my eyeglasses and larger print, in order to read.
I plan my day around some free time to knit.

I see more grey in my hair than that color it is supposed to be, what did they call that, dishwater blonde?
I choose to eat in the camper rather than going out to eat, because it's hard to decide what I want.

I have a son who turns 40 this week, there I said it ...


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