I Felted my Knit clogs by HAND

OK - no washing machine, that Felting requires. And even at the laundromat, the washers are all front-loaders (can't stop those along the way to check felting progress). So, I hand-felted the knit/felt clogs I've been working on. I took before pictures, and the nay-sayer in the house couldn't imagine them looking anything like clog slippers once they were felted, but walla!!

It took all day, boiling water, stirring hotter water into the sink, adding soapy water, measuring, stiring, boiling water again, I wore rubber gloves, and just kept moving the knit slippers around until after about 4 1/2 hours the felting process came alive.

Pictures in my next post. The took 3 days to dry, and will go in the mail to Denver tomorrow.

The Fiber Trends Knit Clogs patterns is great!!

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