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Well, knitting a little cape for our 2 year-old granddaughter has been a lot of stops and starts (a lot like life itself). I set goals for myself, and they seem to be tabled as many times as they are met ... eventually they are accomplished, and sometimes just on schedule, but usually not without interruption.

My biggest hurdle since the first of the year has been my knitting slump that I have referred to several times in the last 6 weeks. Just not seeing any blocks of time as knitting time, although there have been several blocks of time where I kinda draw a blank, and cannot focus on the pattern. I had committed to the Knit Felt Clogs and the Sweet little Saige Cape, yet, with my brother-in-law's funeral, and my sister's adjustment to her NEW NORMAL, I found myself re-looking at everything I do through the filter of, "...what if that were me?"''

Wow, now that I've had prayer for the nightmares I've been having, and I've been going to prayer meetings and sharing my heartfelt concerns for so many family members going through STUFF, I feel much better, and am finding a stronger FAITH that God is truly in control. Dog-gone-it I knew that all along, I just slumped for awhile. Can't say it won't happen again, but I said all that to say this,

Somehow I found the time to knit both clogs - right now they look very much alike, yeah!!

Just not felted yet, I need a top loading agitating washer - the laundrymat here is a front loader ...

And now I'm knitting Saige: here's another look at this darling cape, take a close look, by double-clicking on the picture - can you see those cute little pockets? On size 2 - they are 2" square!! So cute.

Well, I sold a purse, this weekend, mailed it today, and now I'm ready to submit a purse I've designed to a Knitting Contest.

Here's a KNITTING CHALLENGE to my readers:

I'm going to knit the purse I've designed.

Once I've knit it and written out the pattern,
  • I'll print the pattern and mail it FREE or a download .pdf to the first 5 (five) who want to knit and felt this same pattern.
  • The only requirements will be that you report back any errors you find as you knit it, you'll be my knitting testors!!
  • And I will want a picture of the finished project to post on this blog.
  • My goal to have this ready for publishing, April 1st.
  • If you want to be a part of this design TEST, please sign up to follow this blog. (TOP RIGHT - it says FOLLOW THIS BLOG)
Right now the bag will be relatively large, with two outside pockets and a chunky i-cord purse handle ... it's in my head, and mostly on paper, and I want to start knitting it in about 1 1/2 weeks. BACK TO SETTING GOALS - I feel better already!

I love hearing from my readers!!

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