Victorian People and Mary with Baby Jesus

We put on Victorian costumes and played a role in the church Christmas program. Our d-i-l was Mary with the "live" baby Jesus miming a beautiful song. She was amazing. We wandered through the crowd as Victorian greeters, too fun watching the kid's faces.

It's been a long time since I've had my picture taken that much, and I've never voluntarily been on camera, but this was fun, three nights in a row. The tension was high just before we went out to do our part, but all-in-all I believe the people who attended to kick off their family Christmas events were moved, entertained, and fired up for Christmas ... the true meaning of Christmas that is.

I asked a young boy if he had all of his shopping done, he was probably 8 or 9. He said yep, he'd done all his shopping, and he also knew he was getting every gift he asked for on his list, cool!!

Christmas is traditionally a time for families to pause and remember how much they mean to each other, for people who don't have families that are close literally or emotionally, I hope you are surrounded by others who care for you and also need company and encouragement. Have a wonderful holiday and remember,

Jesus is the REASON for the SEASON, meaning Christmas ain't without HIM!

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Gingerbread said...

What a lovely post. I miss my mum at christmas as she passed away some years ago,we grew closer in later years which I am now glad for. But I am now lucky to have my daughter and son,and my loving partner around me at christmas. Everyone enjoy the holidays. Julie.C

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