Hmmm! A craft sale where I sold a few things, and bought many things.

Well, this is the second year I've joined my sister at this craft fair, and the customers were pretty much a no-show, it's the snow that fell today, and/or the economy, but for the most part it ended up being crafters buying from each other, which is kinda fun!!

I sold my wristers , they were little and black wool, with a pink/purple/off-white fancy fur trim. They could be worn with the fur trim at the fingers or the end with the ribbing fit snug around the fingers...giving the wristers, (very short arm warmers) two ways to wear them. The hubby didn't think they would sell, they were the first to sell, and other ladies standing around asked if that was the only pair...amazing, could've sold more of them.

Then my leg warmers sold...that's another story, similar to the first. And I sold two more bags today. It was a productive day, but...

I spent some of my money, some on a pumpkin roll (homemade fresh for the hubby).

Gotta be good to him, he's in there trying to fish my favorite emerald earring out of the drain as I type ...

I bought some of my sis's close-out jewelry, and some of the cutest hand painted ornaments, Santa's face - with beautiful eyes, on a banana goard - so impressive.

I haven't had a call from my big sister for two days now ... don't want to call her if she's resting, but can't help but be very concerned.

Hope the Doctors have been successful in getting her husbands bleeding to stop, it's a scary thing ...

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Gingerbread said...

It seems like it was an interesting day, I think people are being careful how much they spend at the moment. Leg warmers and wrist warmers are a good purchase, I have made some for my friends they always go well in this weather. Julie.C

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