Hunters and Gatherers - Shopping with my man.

I'm looking for a Large Dark Green or Dark Blue turtleneck pullover (100% cotton) for tomorrow night (goes with the costume for the Christmas program I'm in). Well, not only did we hit every store in the local mall, we also hit the discount department stores, and now, I've been on the phone, "why aren't they available this year?" I ask, no one knows, just a aren't carrying them. OK, now I know why.

But first, the hunter gatherer thing. I like looking on every shelf, especially when it is a particular item I'm looking for, I could miss it altogether if it isn't on an end cap jumping out at me.

The hubby on the other hand likes scanning - and moving right along. He also likes allowing a set amount of time for a shopping trip.

I've quit looking, but still need to know what happened to the Turtleneck staple that you wear under sweaters - the layering look?

I know why. It's the bare it all style that is in every magazine, commercial, and ad in front of us. Don't tell me low cut is in when the temperature is 18 degrees and the wind chill is -10. Show me low cut and check back in a week with a bad head cold, I wasn't born yesterday, not everyone parks in a garage and walks into a building without a coat, not everyone has gone to the new low cut styles for EVERYDAY wear, maybe an occasional special event, but even then gotta wear layers in the mid west icy winters.

OK now I've vented. Back to knitting.

A note about the above picture. When I did a google image search I found this picture, but in the full view it is very tight and showing all!! So much for turtlenecks helping on the modesty issue.

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Gingerbread said...

I'm afraid low cut is in it seems,but that dose not include me I feel the cold to much. My son says its my age,I know most of the trends because I have a young daughter who wears things I can't anymore.Julie.C

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