My knitting is in a funk! Nothing on my needles.

I have orders for items. I can't seem to get started. I have gifts I want to make and it's like my arms are too heavy, I do have a stiff neck, maybe that's part of it.

I just can't get the umphffff mustered up. This is so not me. Nothing on my needles. I made two sets of wristers this week, I don't like either pair, and I made some leg warmers that look like .....!!

I have a purse order, I start the base and prepare to work the sides, and tear it out. Bummed.

Today I'm walking away from yarn. I'm questioning my Etsy store...I'm cleaning out closets instead.


Gingerbread said...

No no! your Etsy store will be fab your just what I call all knitted out,this I'm sure happens to all us knitters. What you do now is bake a really yummy choc cake and put your feet up while you have a think. It works for me. Julie.C

M-I-L said...

Thanks Julie, I just baked cookies after dinner, dug out some yarn, and decided to check my blog ... you're on top of this stuff. I needed the encouragement. (my feet are up!)

You can buy this poster.