One of a Kind and Unique Gifts

Well, my bags on Etsy are unique.


And I just bought a cool unique ******* ***** ******* off of Etsy for a special gift. It's one of a kind and that's what I love about Etsy.

I really feel bad for the people who have Etsy stores that sell items for children. The article posted here:


Evidently there is a bill that has been passed and is in effect February 10, 2009 covering safety issues of all toys - which will have a huge impact on handmade items.

Here is Etsy's letter about the Safety Improvement Act:


How did I ever survive childhood?

I never wore a seatbelt, walked one mile to school, home for lunch and back again (4 miles a day) on public streets crossing major intersections, passing men working under their cars, walking to town. I sold spray snow door-to-door to earn my first Bible in Sunday School, chased my run away dog several city blocks at 10:00 at night, ran the alleys of the downtown streets of Indianapolis with my cousins, and rode the city bus to art school on Saturdays when I was 11 years old. I babysat cousins when I was 8 years old, and walked to several blocks to campfire girls, weekday religious education, and the corner drug store. I had an easy-bake oven I was allowed to use without parental supervision, and made beaded jewelry all by myself, without swallowing the beads or stuffing them up my nose. I didn't hang myself on blind cords, I only used them to open the blinds in the mornings (and close them when it got dark so bad people couldn't watch me change into my nightgown). I could go on and on, but ...

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