OK I guess it's the 16 years we've lived here, but WHERE DID ALL THIS JUNK COME FROM?

We used to have a "no-use" rule, and a "seasonal" rule, and a "carry-in" rule in our house. We moved periodically, and needed to travel light. Now after 16 years in the same house, we've gotten pretty lax in our RULES!!

The no-use rule meant if we hadn't used it in a period of time - it went out with the trash.

The seasonal rule was if it hadn't been used, but was seasonal it could wait another season for the true test - then to the trash if not used.

The "carry-in" rule which never NEVER worked for us. If you're going to carry-in three bags of stuff then 3 bags of stuff needs to go back out the door ... in the near future. Well, so much for the best made plans at our house ... again, where did all this junk come from.

Today I went from a small wooden desk with 8 tiny drawers and a pencil drawer, to a small table out of an RV. No drawers, no computer stand, nothing.

This is my home office. A table. I emptied 9 shelves of books. I gave half.com a good heaping try (10 days - sold 2 books out of 40) and then I bagged them all up for goodwill.

Goodwill - here we come - bargains galore. Anyone need a 1970's pillow sewing book? Check out this 1980's paperback thesaurus. What about a package of unopened sharpened pencils I've had since 1995. I remember when I bought them, it was an event I planned that year. I'm certain if I had focused more on my eBay.com business I could have sold more, but I'm tired I tell ya! I don't want to list another ISBN number, or restack these books one more time.

I don't feel like going through the box that has all the contents from this desk that has been in this home office for 16 years...did I mention the antique marbles. Yep, back in the '70's the hubby was helping tear down an old farm house, for a side job, and he found a container of old marbles in one of the walls. Hmmm, collector's item...maybe, but for me, in this open container, I may have dropped them for the last time. What about these buckeyes? Where in the world did they come from? and this ancient box cutter. The rusty razon is pathetic. No wonder I'm tired, I cannot process this JUNK!

Well, I've closed the door on the office, tomorrow is a new day, and once the ole' paycheck comes in, it's new blinds, a cabinet with drawers (yep, I'm trying the drawer thing again), and one more book case to empty...I'm trying to get down from 4 to 2 bookcases. Whew. I need a tall glass of ice water, just rethinking my day makes me thirsty.

I think I need to knit now.

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