Closet clean out, Basement clearing and two bags in three days

Whatever motivated us to clean out closets and the basement ... we've discussed it and it's an underlying umphh from nowhere - a kick in the behind - what were we thinking? Now we both ache all over, but we have empty shelves, we are minus 2 book shelves (I mean two great big 7 shelf huge bookshelves, that held books and binders and pictures and trinkets on every single shelf....yep the junk and books are gone too!!

I sat down to knit started on Tuesday night and made one of the cutest purses I've made yet. Picture to follow --- it's a gift.

Then I made myself a little felted cell phone bag, it's very nice, probably more protective than the leather case it is currently in. Finished both in two evenings. WOW. I'm back to being creative, and the trailer is now empty (the one we filled with all the collective junk from the previous 16 years of living in this house). Today I'm packing up every piece of fabric and yarn and crafty stuff I don't do anymore and handing it over to my crafty sister tomorrow.

My etsy store closes for vacation tomorrow cause my stuff is taking a trip to an arts and crafts fair. ?If anything is left, I'll open back up my etsy store.


I sold 2 purses this week...and sold 21 out of 38 items on my ebay store. I shipped my little heart out and now I'm getting feedback on ebay. It's been productive, and now I can focus on 2 grandkids who have birthdays this month (one little guy turned 6 today) and Christmas ... which is always sweet.

I started to blog yesterday - but just couldn't - I was waiting all day for a call-back from my sister who is grabbing tiny little naps when she can while she waits by her hubby's bed for test results, and treatments. He's gravely ill. She called right when I started to blog - and I went straight to prayer - it wasn't good news, and we are all on pins and needles putting our faith in God our healer, and trusting God is in CONTROL ... because it doesn't seem like anything else is working.

This has been a tough couple of months (really the entire year) he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on December 11, 2007.

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Gingerbread said...

Well done with your sales, and good luck at the arts&crafts fair.
I know your sister doesn't know me but warm wishes to both of them,hope its good news. Julie.C

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