Knitting under pressure! OK I'm doing one more Christmas gift! What about Christmas Cookies?

I cannot believe I'm picking up my needles to do one more gift. We just assembled a 20 some piece toy for (name withheld), and now I have the perfect yarn for a (item withheld) to match. It is going to be so adorable. The toy is kinda plain, so the handmade item will spruce it up!!

By the way Andrea, don't forget to bring Aven's current babydoll Wednesday night, one of her toys won't work without it!!

I have wrapped just about every gift there is in the guest room, they gotta get under the tree cause the guest room is going to live up to it's name this weekend, so all foreign objects must be removed.

I'm still knitting a sister purse, I'm actually working two projects --- something I never allowed myself to do in the past. Wow, what's gotten into me.

Well, we're iced in again, good thing we did the grocery list yesterday, and got all that last minute stuff. We have about 5 items on a last last minute list for tomorrow when it's supposed to rain and thaw. The pumpkin rolls are in the refrigerator and the pork loins go into the slow cooker tonight, our son and his main squeeze from Denver arrive tomorrow, and tomorrow afternoon our other son and his awesome family, wife, 4 sons and daughter come over for Christmas Eve. We'll try to eat a little before diving into packages, but the wait gets shorter every year, no one under 12 is hungry, and the littles are about to outnumber the grown-ups. We've found it takes one grown-up per child to remove twist ties, staples, screws for battery compartments, heat molded plastic package wrap and whatever the heck the manufacturers come up with to keep us from stealing little parts out of boxes of toys for our wonderful grandkids. I wanna buy gifts that a child can open and immediately play with, toy manufacturers must not have kids. I did read recently that AMAZON is approaching toy manufacturers with a new concept in packaging...hmm hope that goes over.


Several years ago our grandson, Chase, asked me if I would be having the Christmas tree cookies again, and try as I may, at that moment, I couldn't remember an occasion where he and I had made Christmas tree cookies, so I pretended to remember, and told him, "Of course."

When they arrived Christmas Eve I had all the decorating supplies laid out and pre-made sugar cookie dough ready to roll and cut and decorate. I asked if he was ready to help me make Christmas Tree cookies and he said, "not really."

I was puzzled. I said, "You asked me about Christmas Tree Cookies and I got all the stuff, you want me to just make them, I don't mind?" He said, "Sure."

He walked out of the kitchen and passing by the centerpiece I had on the dining room table, he said, "Look Mom she does have the Christmas Tree Cookies." He was pointing at my Christmas Tree shape server standing there full of cookies and candies.

A mainstay in our home at Christmas time: Yep, it's on the table, and by tomorrow afternoon it will be full of cookies!!

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Andrea said...


Babydoll - check!

Ability to eat before presents - unprecendented!

Chase and his "Chase-Speak" - priceless!

C/U tomorrow!


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