Weather in the Midwest

Well that's a first. After over 1100 miles on a motorcycle we arrived home late last night, dry. Although the sky had 3 thunderheads in it, the sun was low in the West so it showed through the clouds above an obvious cold front that was black on the horizon, with a perfectly strait white cloud horizontal to it above the thunderheads.

The sky was black dark at 6:30PM. We got zero drops of rain, had some wind, dodged some downed limbs, rode in this for well over an hour and got home dry. I cannot count how many times we've ridden our motorcycles in and out of rain all day or for the entire trip, finally get out of the weather during the trip, dry out, then run into horrible storms a few miles from home and arriving home totally drenched. Timing is everything, I guess. (These are Google Images pictures but really look a lot like what we were riding in yesterday.)

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