One of my favorite things.

I really have several favorite "things." My favorite people know who they are, I hope!!

A few of my favorite things are fields of wildflowers in bloom, trains, miniatures, weaving, pottery AND ...

Yesterday, in South Dakota, in a truck stop, the hubby came in to the convenience store to get me, he said, "Put down the Sprite and pretzels we'll come back and buy them in a minute, you have to come out here to see something."

I stepped out into the parking lot and there were several semi-trucks each with extremely large white (wide-load) items on them. At first glance, I knew I was seeing the Wind Mills, in pieces.

Each piece was larger than a double length semi-trailer and each piece had it's own escort vehicle. We had just passed a massive Wind Farm where the mills were being assembled, and I mentioned I'd love to see these up close. Well, we walked the length and width of one blade, and I couldn't say how long they were but as we were walking back to get my sprite more trucks convoyed in with the generators that go on the top, and they were larger than our camper ...

I know there is some controversy over these big guys, but my thoughts are if we can make energy for cities using these - depending on how long it takes to recup the cost of a wind farm - then why aren't we using them anywhere there is a constant wind? How can a wind farm mess up the view any more than casino billboards, oh my lands they are everywhere.

I want a windmill.

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