Packing, Unpacking, and Closets

Well, I'm sure there is a service out there that cleans closets, or one of those organizing shows on T.V. they could come in and go through closets. It was decided this weekend to use a completely full closet in our house for a totally different purpose, thus goes the re-organizing of the chaos.

First of all I don't throw out the same things the hubby would throw out, so I go in first, save the marketable items (EBay here we go again), then he goes through the remnants. He doesn't debate what I list on EBay anymore because of my 100% positive feedback, and minimal success at clearing out items we would have tossed in a hurried move.

A lifestyle of traveling includes packing, unpacking and storing in a manner that you can pack again on the fly, ha!

Well, our re-packing looks more like a scavenger hunt than a planned trip. It means sitting down and remembering the last time we laid hands on the item we're planning to take along. We had a friend years ago who organized all of his hobbies, outings, school supplies (in college), etc. in milk crates. A trip meant going to that crate to pack, another adventure meant going to the hobby crate, he had one for skiing, camping, bicycling, backpacking, etc. Whew, I feel like I'm wasting big organizational moments just typing this.

Today, because we will be home for about 10 days, I'm trying to find closet space for every motorcycle jacket we've accumulated. One for very cold weather that plugs into the bike and heats up (actually two - one each), one each of rain gear, rain gear for cold weather, rain gear for extremely hot weather, hot weather cool vests, outer coats, light weight for hot weather, heavy for cold, that's one closet full right there, not to mention the leather chaps, the textile riding pants with armor (very bulky) and the rain gear that goes with each...whatever happened to traveling light?

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