Denim is still popular.

The small one was my first denim purse.

This is my second denim bag. The first was for the hubby's sister, she wanted a small bag to carry her wallet shopping, the second was for his other sister, she wanted a market bag, large, large.

The large faux diamond ring was a trinket she gave to me years ago, now it decorates her Tote. The red heart trinket on the small handbag was my mother's costume jewelry, and just looked right on this bag.

This one would hold a laptop computer. It's a great market tote, or holds all those ring binders and papers for that business meeting. It is felted with SWS Patons Soy Wool Stripes Denim, Patons Classic Wool Denim two yarns alternated to make the stripes, knit from side to side like a large tube when the seam is stiched, then the bottom seam closed, with the straps felted and stiched to the bag.

These are 100% wool, but washable in cold water, lay flat to dry, etc. Very verstile. Now that I've gifted many people with these bags, I'm getting serious about my book of patterns and my etsy store, to sell these.

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