Navajo Weaving and Knitting

I cannot believe I spent years avoiding wool yarn. Now that I'm knitting and felting the wool yarns are so wonderful to work with, I'm thinking I'll never go back. So many things I made the past had to be washable, now with washable wool, I'm set.

I found the nicest pattern in Creative Knitting magazine for an Asian table runner, could be a future project, made with Caron Simply Soft in red, with gold thread embroidery - it may be in my future.

I'm wanting to tackle a design in my head. It is Navajo weaving with knitting needles, it's up here and I'm about to get it drawn on paper, this is crude drawing of the bag I'm about to finish? Actually the Burnt Orange and Mustard Colors are reversed on the bag, as I had more mustard yarn. It is Patons Classic Wool Chestnut Tweed, the handle will be an I-Cord, heavy duty. this one will end up being about 8" wide 3" deep at the base and 11" tall. It's so awesome. Have to find a top loading washing machine to felt it on the road.

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