Storm of the Century and Record Heat, Global Warming and Fuel Costs

It just isn't fair.
It seems like if I wear rain gear the Sun comes out and walla! it's over 90 degrees, if I don't wear the rain gear, there goes the neighborhood, the clouds open up and pour out buckets. Well, this is the story of our last couple of days doing what was supposed to be about 500 miles and camping at night. Camping went well, got into the tent around 9:00 the first night just before the rain cut loose, 2nd night, well, at least got under the canope, but the hubby was several yards away in the bath house when it dumped - I mean the giant bucket was just over our campsite, well slightly from the southwest coming in a bit from the side, which we didn't know we were set up in a common PONDING area till 5 minutes into the deluge!! The new tent actually stayed dry. Let's just say there ain't been no knitting these last two days.

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