Navajo Weaving Part II

I did take a Navajo weaving class in 2004, from a lady named Pearlene. She taught me from beginning to end, and told me that when I took my piece from the loom to send it to her and she would fix anything I made mistakes on and send it back. She lives in Shiprock NM. I never finished the piece because it looked like it was beyond repair, it is still on the loom.

This is where most of my "craft" projects usually end up. Having several finished pieces in the last 18 months or so is totally new for me.

Now that I know how to "block" a wool finished piece, I can see what Pearlene was talking about. I never blocked a piece in my life before the shawl I made for the daughter-in-law Christmas before last, that one almost went into the dark recesses of the closet to be thrown away at a later date, but after blocking, it was awesome if you don't mind me saying so myself!!

Now I hope to adapt what I learned in Navajo weaving with what I've done in knitting (short rows and picking up stitches) to make some native inspired pieces. CANNOT WAIT!!

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