I actually have three bags ready to sell, although one may be a gift.

The three bags are done that I'll be listing on ETSY. One is a brown, russet, off-white stripe and it has the handmade polymer clay pendant and beads - this one is totally my design, so I still need to perfect the pattern. Made with Patons Classic Wool.

The Candy Corn bag I mentioned in this old post:


And one in SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) by Patons, the color is called PLUM, it's gorgeous, and my design also. These little items are rolling right along, and I'm doing price comparisons as I get ready to sell them. This one is the one that has the outside key and phone pockets ... it's small and very cute, the pattern is easy enough so I think the pattern on this one will really sell. Pictures in a few days.

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