Global Warming, Continued.

Well, yesterday, I was blabbing about global warming, because of the heat, everywhere we travel (by motorcycle). Today is a global warming break!! Unlike the erie looking sky and deluge of rain two nights ago, last night was cool and quiet, kinda made up for the ponding effect outside our tent.

It is low 70's in the Upper Penninsula, and the clouds are like giant cotton balls, the breeze is just enough to blow the mosquitos away, I'm calling it a bonus day.
On this bonus day, I'm using wireless at the campground to find Berroco Sox yarn to start an awesome project for Christmas in the Berroco Booklet 280. (It's for a certain 1 year old, (size 2 again). Cannot wait to find the yarn and get started. Wish boys were into knit items ... hmmm!! Got 4 of those and 3 men, think I'll stick to lady and baby girl stuff.
In a few days I'll be near a top loading washing machine so that I can felt the amazing denim tote that I've knit out of Patons Classic Merino and Patons SWS.
The next two days - lots of miles on the bike.

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