All things handmade. Unique gifts for Christmas.

Indiana Handmade Soap $4.00 link to buy here

I have 2 grandsons born in Indiana!!

Made in Southern Rwanda.
Only $28.00 check it out here!
I found this awesome basket online in my search for some unique gifts - no friends and family it has not been purchased, just looking for unique items to share. On my list of things to make some day, handwoven baskets are close to the top.

Awesome purses made from wood pieces $78.00 : web page here
Maybe some day get some wood working done these look awesome

Sweet handmade necklace from Ukraine $25.00 web page link
I have a grandson from Russia!!

Handmade Silk Paper from China see web page here $45.00

I have a grandson from China!!

How about a handwoven wallet from Guatemala,
See link here $14.00

I have a granddaughter from Guatemala.

Just a fun reminder that shopping on line doesn't have to be limited to the normal gifts and the normal on-line stores, go handmade. I found all these by using a search engine. Searching for Unique Handmade gifts.

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