My Hat is Being Returned

Well, it sold on Etsy.

She is returning it because it is too large. The description included that it fits a large head and/or big hair. Doggone, she didn't let me know she was returning it before she mailed it. I could've stepped her through fitting it to her head.

When a felted item is too big, put it in a pillow case, tie a knot in the pillow case. Fill the washer with HOTTEST water about half full.

Throw in a pair of jeans that you need to shrink, and the pillowcase with the item. Add a little laundry soap, wash for about 5 minutes. STOP. Open the bag check the item??? Is it smaller??? Does it fit??? Spin the water out, shape it over a rolled up towel and let air dry. THE HAT FITS!

Same steps with purses.

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