Is anyone else like this. Study, Study, Study, finally buy the pattern, then improvise. Bag Style by Pam Allen & Ann Budd

I bought a knitting pattern book.

I'm so guilty of this. I have so many designs in my head for knitting, weaving and crocheting, yet when I see a book that has unique patterns, I almost buy it, put it back, find it on Amazon, eventually buy it, determined to follow the pattern, I dive into the pattern and walla ...
I've designed another something.

I bought this book - Bag Style by Pam Allen and Ann Budd

... finally. I've seen many of the items finished by knitters at my local yarn shop. I started the bag on the front this weekend, changed the yarn, choose a different color, changed the cast on amount, changed the height, changed the strap tabs at the top, wove the strap and forgot the front panel completely. It looks nothing like the picture, but it is so awesome. It is aqua and teal, has a similar base to the picture, but proportionately the bag is wider and not as tall as this. I felted it loose so it hangs more like a hobo bag. The strap is fastened to the bag tabs at the top with 3" metal rings.

Hobo Bag

I don't buy a lot of patterns, because I design bags. My first bag was the CoCo bag from Felted Handbag Workshop - free pattern.

Once I made that bag and several similar - I never looked back. But then I got a loom. Now that I'm learning to weave, I'm seeing all kinds of options for mixed media.

Recalling that I'm not a photographer (especially with my blackberry, oops!!)

I learned this twill pattern from a book!! YEAH!!

Not to mention the polymer clay pieces I'm putting with my finished bags.

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