Veteran's Day 2009 - Married to a Vet

Veteran's Day is special in this house!

40 years ago my hubby was overseas during the Vietnam War and I was home with our infant son. After he returned home safely, we went on with life, made bad and finally better decisions, had another son, and didn't think a lot about him being a Veteran until the last 10 years or so...

Now as we ride our motorcycles in Run For The Wall annualy, and as we go through daily routine, we are constantly reminded of the results of his willing service to this country. With the country currently at war, we're reminded to pray for our troops. He was honored to serve, he volunteered, yet we had lots of struggles during his service and afterwards. We're thankful for the Veterans Administration, our fellow Veteran friends, and a Nation who honors their heroes.

THANK A VET today, they need to hear "WELCOME HOME" from a grateful heart. War is never popular, but our soldiers should be, because they are heroes!

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