My hat was returned. 7 Sales on Etsy instead of 8.

Well, several months ago I started listing my items that I handmade on ETSY. It is a neat opportunity to have people from all over the world look at your items. I've purchased several items myself. I've also considered doing the same thing in 1000 Markets, which is also a handmade marketplace.

My Etsy store has pushed me to get better pictures, do better listings and stay current with my knitting and felting items. www.BigSis2.etsy.com

I have some items featured on this blog.

I also am giving away a free 2010 calendar to anyone who wants to go get it on my Google Documents. It's just a click away on this blog or my etsy store.

I have 4 purse orders, so any typing I do keeps me from knitting. I promised myself I wouldn't take any last minute orders for Christmas, so once I finish the orders I have and the ones I've discussed with customers recently, I'm gonna knit several more for my Etsy store. I have 10 items out there right now ... (sold 2 at a craft fair this weekend) Fun Stuff.

Tomorrow we're taking the day to spend with our grandsons who turn 7 next month. Their choice was a movie and eating out, or a bounce house with other games - they chose bouncing, it'll be a great day, they're so entertaining, enthusiastic and easy to please!!


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