Vintage Sewing Patterns - Cleaning out the stash.

I don't know why or how I end up at the bottom of closets so often. I think I end up in there looking for a specific item that I know if I went to Wal Mart or Jo Ann Fabrics I could buy another one for $2 or $3, but I'm sure I had one (like an embroidery needle or a piece of elastic or a large metal button) whatever notions I need, end up being in one of those sewing storage containers that are never tapped into, unless I'm doing the desperate search to finish a project.

I don't hate sewing, I enjoy it, but I do hate quitting a project in the middle, cleaning up all the mess, tucking it away in a closet and, because it's tucked away, never getting back to the project. If I could leave the mess, work continuous from day-to-day, I'd sew more often, guess I need a sewing room. hm--m-m-m.

The point being, while I was in there looking for a button for a finished purse, I found several 1980's Sewing Patterns for skirts and jackets. I listed them under VINTAGE on Etsy, too weird. I have Vintage items in my closet. I listed a Vintage Macrame' Book awhile back and it sold almost as soon as I listed it.

So, if you're looking at my Etsy shop and see Vintage clothing patterns, don't assume I've flipped my lid, just know I've been in the closet again!


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