Mixed Media (Sort OF)

Well, what an adventure so far in 2009. I made a new year's resolution to learn new techniques in my knitting and to be published this year, to enter a knitting competition and kick my skills up a notch. Too fun. Fitting all this in as I travel pretty much "full-time" (meaning I'm gone for months at a time, weeks at a time, then "Home" or back at our campsite, or motel for short periods of time) about half that is on a motorcycle.

So it's incredible what I've accomplished this year. Fit into all I planned, I came in 18th place in a handmade purse competition. Published several youtube videos and learned weaving, including landing a great deal on a used loom on ebay. On top of all that I discovered a friend from my past owns Alpacas, and she taught me to needle felt, and method of felting called fulling or wet felting. So much to do - so little time to blog because my free time is taken up with wool or alpaca yarn. I love fibers.

Now I'm knitting and felting handbags, adding a hand woven purse strap from my loom, out of the same yarn used in the bag, and adding my own (or my sister's) polymer clay buttons or closures to the bags. My goals for 2010? Well, I really want my Etsy store
to take off, so I'm thinking of smaller items to sell like woven cell phone sleeves, computer sleeves, etc. and I plan on really getting good at needle felting or wet felting next year.

I went to my favorite yarn store today after finding out the fiber show I was headed to doesn't start until tonight, bummer, missed it, or maybe can fit it in tomorrow. While I was there one of my fellow weaving students was there, we caught up on the last several months and I looked at her amazing piece on the loom. We talked yarns, looms, purses, etsy, and of course life itself. She's a great lady, had to leave so she could weave (which is why she came in).

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