Thankful for UPS

Yep, UPS took care of one of the bags that I knit on this trip. I got the bag finished, we had some other things to send home before the trips end, so ... UPS to the rescue. (I've finished two knit bags, since we left home late August.) Rode my motorcycle 5,000 miles so far, been in at least 15 state and have 4 more to go, but I knit nearly every day for a few hours, now I'm about out of yarn on the road.

I sent home one of the bags I'll be felting. It's pretty much made from scrap balls of wool yarn. I made a long base only about 3" wide before felting. This bag should end up about 9" wide, 11" high and maybe 2" wide base, the handle will be about 1 1/2" to 2" wide and will be slightly wider at the base on each side, because I'll be attaching it some distance down the side, rather than using grommets and an i-cord. I love designing bags. This is another picture in Paint software that I did to imagine the color combinations.

I don't have my etsy store set up yet and I've sold 4 bags, three are yet to be designed and 1 is finished and "spoken for." My goal was to design the bags write the patterns and get people fired up about knitting. But these bags are pretty popluar.

I do need to pause in a week or two and start making Mother/Daughter fingerless gloves for Andrea and Aven, I promised. Also have an order for some leg warmers.

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