I Hand Felted This One - No Washing Machine Available

The top picture is the finished project before felting.

The next pic is after hand washing in very hot water for a long time, I mean I had to keep heating up water in a teapot and adding it to my water, because it kept cooling off, and was overworking my camper water heater. Then I stopped after about 20 minutes, towel dried and rolled the piece, and later did another 30 minutes in hot soapy water before it finally started getting very tight fiber. This piece I call Tailored Tweed Stripe. It is spoken for. It holds a standard size laptop (15" to 17") and has a sweet pocket on the front to hold the cords. There's room in this bag for a 3 ring binder or two and some folders if needed.

The straps will be attached via grommets, and it will be one continuous strap that crosses over the top opening, serving as a guard for the computer inside.

These are so much fun to make, I'm polishing the pattern for publication.

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So...Where ARE you guys? (I need to look at the website...)

We miss ya!

Aven says "PappPaw" whenever she see's anyone with a beard??!! snort!


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