Road Construction, Hurricanes, and Motorcycles

OK, I'll only mention a few ROAD CONSTRUCTION areas that we've come across on the motorcycles this trip. A few days ago we got into some RAIN (imagine that) aftermath of IKE, and the road we were on had been GRATED, that means they take a huge machine with "tooth comb" edge scoops and scrape up all the tar blacktop road down to a vertical (runs with the direction of the road) grooves. No warning, not a sign other than the usually merge down to one lane, major BUMP and we're in the rain riding the grooves for 8 miles. My grip on my throttle was frozen. My wrist still hurts, it's been 5 days.
The front wheel of the bike squirrels around like the bike is out of control, and the rear (this powers the bike) keeps pushing forward, like it's unaware of the unsteadiness in the front. No place to QUIT!! Because there's no where to go but with traffic, did I mention the drop off on both sides? OK so now we're out of the groovy highway issue, and right into two lanes that have about a 4 inch height difference -
Give me some kind of sign.

All these years of traveling - and I've come to the conclusion that HIGHWAY construction people need to borrow a motorcycle and ride it on the roads that they deem safe for traffic!!!!!

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