Learn to Knit if you Learn to Crochet

Learn to crochet. Yep, if you learn this technique, you'll also learn to knit. Crocheting requires holding the yarn, string, wool, etc. in one hand and making stitches with the crochet hook with the other hand...assuming you have both hands, your finished work remains in the hand holding the yarn.

In knitting, the finished piece moves from the hand holding the yarn (and needle) to the other needles (while doing a complete row the finished piece is on both needles). If you lose your place most knitters start over - although there are ways to back up a few stitches or rows if you're well into the piece.

here's a great link to learning to crochet.

How to hold the yarn. If you crochet and are right handed, you hold the yarn in your left hand. I hold it from the ball it drapes over my pinky (smallest finger) from left to right, under my two middle fingers and over my index finger, under and around my thumb for the first chain stitch (and every cast on in knitting)

If you knit continental you hold the yarn exactly the same as in crochet. If you knit English (American) style, you end up learning a whole new method for feeding the yarn to the needle from the right hand...

I also have a pair of socks on some double pointed needles (now this totally intimidates me)!!
To get an even tension (all stitches equal) you need to wrap the yarn around the pinky once, it controls the yarn as you pull it from the ball.
I noticed this detail when I was showing Big Sis the knitting stitch this week - she was having a mental block.

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