More Details on the Striped Purse with Chunky I-Cord

This is a picture of the i-cord close up. I made the purse handle chunky on this one because it's a small bag and needed some character.
I put a pendant on the strap with a bead chain. I made the pendant from Polymer clay, and made a bead to match. The colors all blend, the photo lightened the pendant some, so it doesn't do it justice.
This was a very simple bag. The base and bag are two strands of merino wool (size 4) yarn held together (ALL WOOL OF COURSE) and knit up from the base. The i-cord follows the i-cord instructions in a former blog:


I held 3 strands of yarn together for the i-cord instead of two, thus a chunky strap.

The polymer clay is blended colors for the pendant, and layered sheets cut into thin strips then wrapped around the sides of the pendant. I cut the hole for the chain, and wrapped a ball of clay in the remnants of the clay stripes and baked 30 mintues.

More on polymer clay in the future.

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